Best Laptop Stands for Your Home Office


Best Laptop Stands for Your Home Office

Are you suffering from a sore neck working on a laptop in a reclined position? Investing in a laptop stand can help take care of your problem.

I am a freelancer and have been working from home long before the pandemic forced everyone else to do it! My work demands almost seven to eight hours of screen time. It was all going well until recently when I started getting a persistent pain in my neck. It was quite alarming for me as I never had neck pain earlier.

Since long-term working in an incorrect posture left me with sore muscles and neck pain, I thought of finding a solution and came across laptop stands. They are height-adjustable stands, which let you keep your laptop at eye level. I also bought a wireless keyboard so that I could type while my laptop was at a height.

While researching for a laptop stand, I came across several stands suitable for different setups. My criteria for selection was their place of use. I have compiled a list of some of the best laptop stands for your home office in the article below. I hope my research will help you too!

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer's Guide - Laptop Stands for Your Home Office


There are several different types of laptop stands available in the market to suit different requirements. Two main variants available are-fixed and adjustable laptop stands. 

Fixed laptop stands can only increase the level of your laptop. If you are working on a desk, then a fixed laptop stand would be better for you, but if you don’t have a specific work setup, it might not be suitable. In the case of an adjustable laptop, you can adjust the stand’s height and angle according to your need.

With the ability to personalize, the adjustable stands are more popular. To correct your posture while working on a laptop, you would need a laptop table that is height and angle adjustable for better suiting your height and place of work.

Sturdy material

Laptops are heavy and costly. Now you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your laptop by accidentally falling off the stand. You would need a laptop stand with a sturdy built and can take your laptop’s load. 

Compact size

The size of a laptop stand is another crucial factor to consider if you don’t work in a fixed environment. To move around with the laptop stand, you would need a compact option or at least one that transforms into a portable size after folding.

Additional features

Some other additional features provided in some laptop stands are cooling systems, which can reduce your laptop’s overheating. A slip-proof desktop surface is also essential to keep the laptop stable.

PWR+ Laptop Stand: For Overheating Protection

PWR+ stand is an adjustable laptop stand that made it to the list’s top with its unique features. It has two fans inbuilt in it to provide better airflow. You can use it in various places with adjustable heights. It is also cost-efficient with the multiple uses it offers.

Features and Benefits

  • USB operated fans: Apart from providing height to your laptop, this PWR+ laptop stand also increases its efficiency by working as a cooling pad for it. Overheating a laptop can slow down its operating speed. This laptop table has two silent fans which operate with the laptop’s power. These fans work with the laptop power when you connect them with the USB cable included with the table.
  • Height adjustment: With 360-degree rotating leg joints, this laptop stand allows you to adjust it to different heights and angles. The joints then auto locks in the position you set it in to avoid collapse during your work. The adjustable height of the laptop stand makes it suitable for different setups and people heights.
  • Multipurpose use: Doesn’t it feel nice when you pay the price for one and get multiple benefits. This PWR+ laptop stand can work as a breakfast tray, writing desk, and whatever you need to provide a lift. 
  • Compatible to different sizes: Whether you own an Apple MacBook or an HP Pavilion laptop, this laptop stand would offer proper support. With size compatibility of laptop sizes 10.1″ to 17″, it can comfortably fit various laptops.

Why should you buy it?

Long-term work can lead to overheating in our laptops. What can be better than a laptop stand that offers an adjustable height and offers cooling for your laptop? You can use it just about anywhere, be it your bed, table, or kitchen counters with the adjustable height. With the collapsible design, this portable laptop stand is ideal for storage when not in use.

Skrebba Laptop Stand: For Extra Space

Skrebba laptop stand offers a premium look with strong aluminum alloy built. It is ideal for laptops with size 10″-17″ and can take up a maximum load of 20 lbs. The rotating shafts allow you to collapse the stand to a thin portable size. It provides ease of storing when not in use. This laptop allows for better airflow with the hollow surface design.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium look: A sleek and smart look is what this portable laptop stand offers. With four attractive metallic color variants, this Skrebba laptop will blend in with your interiors. Its aluminum alloy frame provides a load capacity of 20 lbs which means it will hold its shape even if you have put a heavy laptop on it.
  • Compact size: For someone with a space crunch, this adjustable laptop stand would be perfect. You can collapse this laptop stand to make it compact-sized. It doesn’t take much space and is easier to store while not in use. It also helps in the ease of carrying the laptop stand with you the next time you will go on a trip. 
  • Extra space at bottom: It often happens that placing a laptop stand on your desk leaves you with much less room for other things. You won’t have this issue anymore with the flat bottom on this Skrebba laptop stand. A flat metal piece is at the bottom of this laptop stand which you can use to keep your keyboard or other peripherals.
  • Better support and safety: With ten anti-slip silicone pads placed on the laptop stand, your laptop is safe. Four bottom silicone pads on the bottom secure the frame in a place to avoid accidental knock-offs. Six silicone pads on the top of the stand keep your laptop from moving. Protective hooks prevent slipping of the laptop when the stand is tilted.

Why should you buy it?

With its superior looks, this laptop stand would enhance the look of your home office. The hidden screws on the shaft offer a much neater look. Working on a laptop often leaves you with hand strain because of the attached screen and keyboard. By using the bottom space for holding an external keyboard, you won’t have that problem anymore.

Mind Reader Laptop Desk: Cushioned Support For Lap Usage

This mind reader laptop desk is an adjustable laptop stand desk that elevates your laptop screen when you work with it kept in your lap. It offers eight angled height options for batteries suiting different height persons. It has dual cushion support at the bottom to provide better comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable pillow support: This mind reader laptop desk comes with dual bolster pillow support to offer better stability. These pillows make sure that the stand does not feel uncomfortable while you place it on your lap and the additional benefit they offer is that they make the laptop stand slip-resistant, and it prevents any mishaps.
  • Easy to carry around: With the plastic material, this portable laptop stand is lightweight and easy to carry. Have you been working in your bedroom and now want to sit in your living room? This best laptop stand comes with a handle that allows you to hold it properly while taking it someplace else with the handle. 
  • Endless uses: Not only can it support your laptop to proper tilt and height, but it can also act as a book desk while reading. You can use it as an art desk if you are into art. With the adjustable design, you can place it on the tabletop and adjust the height suitable for you with its eight-level height adjuster.
  • Laptop protection: Working with a laptop placed on the lap is difficult as one of your hands is always busy holding the laptop still or protecting it from falling over. This laptop stand has an inbuilt clip in the bottom, which keeps your laptop in place and avoids accidental tripping.

Why should you buy it?

Not every time you work will you have a proper place to set and keep your laptop on a desk. Sometimes you would need to work from your living room or any other area in your house. With this mind reader laptop desk, you can easily place your laptop on your lap. The cushion support on the bottom of the stand provides proper support to the laptop while minimizing your discomfort. 

SAIJI Laptop Tray Desk: Best Sit-Stand Desk Converter

The SAIJI laptop desk is the best laptop desk you can use in bed. It comes with two adjustable legs that you can set at five different heights according to your comfort. Its skid-resistant desktop prevents your laptop from slipping off the stand. With the storage drawer, you can keep your essential stuff near you while working. 

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable angle and height: With two auto-lock buttons, you can easily adjust this laptop table’s height. You can change its angle with the two clamps given on the sides. Angle adjustment allows you to maintain the laptop at your eye level, reducing slouching and correcting your posture. It is suitable for people with varying heights and workspace. 
  • Slip-resistant: The SAIJI laptop desk uses environment-friendly material and high-density PVC leather. The texture on the desktop offers traction between your computer and the table, which prevents your laptop from sliding off. It also helps while you are keeping other small things on the table when it is angled.
  • Convenient: On the top left corner of this laptop desk is a small drawer which you can use for storing small tidbits like pens, small notebooks, your mobile phone, and other little things. With the movable stopper at the bottom, the deck allows you to set it according to your preference. It is beneficial for people with different dominant hands.

Why should you buy it?

This laptop desk is the best choice for you if you work from your bed or sofa. You can easily adjust the movable stopper according to your working preference for left or right-handed working. With its bed table-like design, you can also use it for other purposes like a study table or for kids to play or eat.

Loryergo Laptop Riser Stand: Extra Shelf Space On Your Desk

Loryergo is one of the best laptops stands for your home office with its two sections. It has a laptop riser stand with a two-shelf storage section. The wood grain panel offers a homey look to your workplace.

Features and Benefits

  • Organized workspace: With the two sections in this Loryergo laptop stand for desk, all your desk organization problems are history! You can place your laptop on the single shelf section and use the other unit to store books, files, or other office supplies.
  • Ergonomic sitting posture: The laptop stand raises your screen’s height to your eye level, which improves your sitting posture. A proper sitting posture helps reduce muscle strains and relieves your eyes, neck, and back.
  • Extra and multipurpose storage space: What is even better is the separate sections of the stand. If you don’t need the extra storage on your desk, you can use it someplace else.
  • One-step assembly: With pre-drilled holes, this laptop stands for the desk is easy to assemble while maintaining the laptop stand’s beauty. You can assemble the storage shelf in one or two-tier according to your horizontal or vertical space needs.

Why should you buy it?

With two sections, this laptop riser stand not only offers an elevation to your laptop but also provides storage space for your work desk. It enhances your home office’s look while taking care of your space needs with a wooden built.

CAXXA Metal Laptop Stand: Multipurpose

This Caxxa metal laptop stand offers an elevation to your laptop or monitor for you to have an appropriate posture. It has a sturdy built to provide a heavy load capacity, and the mesh design of the shelves offers better airflow to your laptop.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy load capacity: This laptop stand is one of the best laptops for a desk with a robust built. The heavy-duty steel frame offers a load capacity of 50 lbs. With such high capacity, you can use this stand as a desktop or printer stand.
  • More storage space: With two shelves, this laptop stand offers extra storage space for keeping your other devices. You can place your laptop on the top shelf and use the lower shelf for keeping some files or a keyboard.
  • Easy assembly: This laptop stand comes disassembled with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. Just screw the four-piece parts and apply non-slip suction cups on the side panel. 

Why should you buy it?

This Laptop stand by CAXXA has an industrial design that adds a rustic look to your home office. Its multipurpose use as a laptop or monitor desk will offer long-term use in your home.

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk: Lounge With Your Laptop

The unique design of this lap desk is what made it one of the best laptop stands. It offers you a break from your desk and works from the comfort of your favorite chair or sofa. With a carry handle, this lap desk is easy to move around your house.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved Air Flow: This lap desk has a flat surface which allows for proper airflow between the laptop and the desk. Overheating your laptop reduces its productivity, so having a desk that will enable proper ventilation is beneficial for your laptop’s productivity. 
  • Secure and comfortable: With a ledge on the bottom of the lap desk keeps your laptop in place and secure while using it. The dual bolster design keeps you comfortable and cool by proper airflow between your legs and the lap desk.
  • Extra Features: With the inbuilt mouse pad in this lap desk, you don’t have to worry about using the external mouse pad with your laptop. Keep your phone near you without it disturbing your workspace with the phone slot provided.

Why should you buy it?

This lap desk is ideal for those who would like a change of workplace. It allows you to experience a comfortable work mode by lounging on your favorite sofa. The separate mouse pad and mobile phone slot are an additional benefit with this portable laptop stand.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Best Laptop Stands for Your Home Office

How can I raise my laptop on a desk?

If you want to raise your laptop to your eye level for a better posture, nothing works better than a laptop stand. With different varieties available in the market, you can buy a fixed laptop stand that elevates your laptop above your desk or can buy an adjustable shelf that you can use just about anywhere.

Is it worth getting a laptop stand?

While there are many benefits of getting a laptop stand, keeping your posture straight is one of the most important advantages. To avoid neck and back strains that can result in unbearable pain, it is worth getting a laptop stand.


Final Verdict

All laptop stands I have selected have their unique functionality and design. Hence, you can without any doubt select the one that suits your requirement.

Since I spend most of the time working from my bed, I chose SAIJI Laptop Tray Desk. This desk is most suitable for bed sets. Also, it has adjustable legs with the help of which I can easily set the stand in five different heights as per my need.

Without any doubt, LapGear Home Office Lap Desk would have been my second choice because it has a functional design and is perfect for keeping on the lap and using while sitting cross-legged on the bed.

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