Best Desks For Your Home Office


Best Desks For Your Home Office

Is setting up a home office becoming a tedious task for you? I can relate to your problem and can help you set a home office without much effort. But before that, I will share an interesting stat with you. Did you know, about 27% of the working population in America is still working from home? Yes, it’s true! They are managing their work and personal life efficiently, and so can you.

It is not easy to work from home if you don’t have a proper setup. Outside noises and constant distractions can affect your productivity. Hence, all you need is a quiet corner at home to set your home office.

Recently I too had to start working from home due to the pandemic. Hence, my quest for the best equipment and furniture for the home office began. I scrolled through several decors and interior designing magazines, but they were hardly of any help. 

I knew that the first thing that I needed was an office desk because I could choose other things only after setting up the desk. So, I scrolled through online stores. After a few hours of puzzling over, I finally jotted down several products. My selection criteria were: functionality, space provided, looks, and any special features.

So, this is my list of products. I hope you will be able to decide on going through them.

Buyers Guide: Best Desks For Home Office

Desks For Your Home Office


The best desk for your home office should have the ideal size and shape. If you have two people working from your home, you must select a wider L-shaped wooden desk that is large enough to fit two people. Similarly, if you have a small space in your home office, the best choice is to buy a folding or portable desk. Make sure to take measurements of your working space and choose a desk that will fit those measurements.


You should prefer desks built with strong materials like aluminum or steel. The wooden surface which forms the top of the table should be sufficiently heavy as well. You can judge the strength of the desk from its weight-bearing capacity. For example, I prefer desks that can hold at least 150 pounds of weight.


There are multiple desk designs available in the market. However, you must choose the one that meets your requirement. For example, I love to keep my desk well-sorted and arranged, which is why I selected a desk with drawers. 

Similarly, if you work for long hours, you should choose a sit-stand desk. 

Cubicubi Working Desk: If You Need Storage Space

I can without any doubt say that Cubicubi Working Desk is one of the best desks for your home office. It has a very functional design. The three-tier shelf storage provides a sufficient amount of space for storing your office valuables. These shelves are far better than drawers as all the items that you keep on these shelves remain in your eyesight at all times.

Features and Benefits

  • Spacious: You get a lot of working space with this work desk. The working surface on this desk is 55 inches wide and 28 inches long. You get ample space to keep your computer along with other work stuff as well.
  • Versatile: This home office work desk has a multi-purpose design. You can use this desk to keep your gaming setup or even a study desk or table for your children. The extra three-tier storage shelves make storing office supplies and items an easy task.
  • Lightweight This wooden desk has a lightweight design with an overall weight of 46.8 pounds. Due to this lightweight design, you can easily carry or transfer this desk from one place to another.
  • Installation: You can easily install this desk at your home as the process of doing so is pretty simple. This desk does not have any complex assembly or installation. You can even watch instructive tutorial videos for installation available on the website of the company.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this work desk for your home office because of its modern yet simplistic design. This work desk has an elegant look, and you can perfectly blend this wooden desk with your home décor without making it look out of order.

Halter Folding Work Desk: If You Have A Small Home Office

The Halter folding desk is an excellent space-saving working desk for home offices. This desk has a small and compact frame. This frame can fold and easily store this table when it is not in use. The dimensions of this wooden desk are 39 inches wide and 20 inches long.

Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy: Even though this desk has a compact and folding frame, it is still very stable and sturdy. You can add high load capacity to this table without damaging its structure. The high-quality engineered wood used to make this desk enhances the rigidity of the desk.
  • Versatile: Your other family members can also use this desk apart from you as it has a versatile design. Children or teens can use this as a gaming or study desk.
  • Easy To Set Up: You also get the necessary tools and equipment with this desk. These unique tools will help you to assemble the work desk without any external help. You can follow the instructions given in the manual to perfect set up the desk.
  • Ergonomic: The modern minimalist, industrial-style design of this folding desk makes it quite fashionable. You can match this desk with your home décor easily as this wooden desk boasts a classic and elegant look.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this working desk for the home office because of its folding frame. If you have limited working space available at your home, then you can use this desk while you are working and then store it away by folding it. People living in small apartments and flats will definitely like this desk a lot.

Fezibo Electric Working Desk: If You Work Long Hours

The Fezibo electric desk for the home office grabbed my attention because it is a multi-purpose wooden desk. You can use this as a standing desk as well as a standard sitting desk. Due to the adjustable height factor, this desk is suitable for people who work long hours. The top surface of this desk can go up from 27.6 inches to 46.3 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Spacious: You get a spacious and roomy workspace with this wooden desk. This wooden desk has a rectangular top surface with dimensions 55 inches wide and 24 inches in length. You can even set up multiple desktops along with other items on the tabletop of this desk.
  • Electric: The electric lift on this work desk makes adjusting the desk convenient. It is a useful feature for the elderly as well, as they wouldn’t have to change the height manually. This electric lift uses high-grade stainless steel, and this stainless steel boosts the maximum load-bearing capacity of this desk to 176 pounds.
  • Anti Collision: This work desk also possesses the unique ability to detect other objects’ presence in its vicinity. Special sensors in its extending pillars protect the desk from any collision or impact while you change its height.
  • Cable Management Tray: If you don’t like messy wires hanging from your table and desk, then you can utilize this feature. This desk has a special tray underneath its top shelf that is useful for managing and storing the extra cable wires.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this working desk for home use if you work long hours and you want to avoid sitting that long. You get three preset height levels with this working desk that lets you stand while working. The adjustable height is also great for children and teens who can use this feature to work or study on this desk.

Tribesigns Large Working Desk: If You Want an Elegant Look

This Tribesigns wooden desk has an elegant and rustic design, and you can set up this desk in the corner of your room. The smooth and durable engineered wood used to build this desk is dust-proof as well as waterproof. You can make this desk look brand new by just cleaning it with a damp cloth.

Features and Benefits

  • Large: You get a large working area with this work desk. This desk is in the shape of an ‘L’ with a length of 55 inches. It has nine shelves at the smaller edge of the “L.” You can use the space on this desk to do multiple tasks at once.
  • Shelves: You get nine large wooden shelves along with this desk. These shelves are useful for storing all your additional accessories such as books, stationery, files, and so on. You can easily manage and maintain your workspace at home using these shelves. The dimensions of these shelves are 11.8 inches wide and 35 inches long.
  • Durable: The stainless steel frame of this working desk is industrial grade. You can use this industrial grade frame for adding additional load. This desk can lift heavy loads without breaking or compromising the integrity of the structure.
  • Delivery: This desk reaches you in two different packages, so you don’t lose or misplace any essential tools and parts. You can use all these tools and components to assemble this work desk without needing any external help independently.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this desk for a home office as it has a very elegant design and a rustic look along with lots of space. This desk is built-in and L-shape. Due to this desk’s unique design, you can use it as a left-side desk or as a right-side desk depending upon the availability of space and your needs. These desks also take up less space so that you can fit them in the corners as well.

Bestier Wooden Desk: For Gamers/Traders

The Bestier Wooden desk for the home office is extremely stable and sturdy. This working desk has an additional X-bar in its frame that holds the frame together. Its frame uses high-quality stainless steel that increases the load-bearing capacity of the desk.

Features and Benefits

  • HighQuality Wood: The top shelf of this wooden desk is thick and solid of P2 grade quality certified by CARB. You will be able to use this wooden desk for a longer time due to its exceptional construction quality.
  • Multiple People: Due to this table’s unique design and shape, more than one user can use this desk simultaneously. If you have multiple employees or partners, then you can purchase this working desk. This wooden desk is also ideal as a corner desk that doesn’t require a lot of space.
  • Workspace: The large working area on this desk is 95.5 inches long. This length is suitable enough for two people to work simultaneously on this desk. You can even set up books and monitors on this shelf while leaving ample space for you to work.
  • Shelves: You can install multiple shelves underneath and on the side of the work desk. It entirely depends upon you if you want to use these extra shelves or not as some people might prefer to have more legroom and space rather than having these shelves.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this wooden desk as it uses 100% healthy wood for its construction. You will get a certified and high-quality tabletop with a sturdy and reliable steel frame. You can conveniently set up this desk at your home without needing any external help.

Designa Work Desk: If You Need A BookShelf Too

The Designa work desk has a protective frame design. The open-frame design of this desk protects it from coming in contact with other objects. You can protect your desk from potential collisions and impacts using this feature.

Features and Benefits

  • Space: The dimensions of this desk’s top surface are 43 inches long and 26 inches wide. The workspace area you get with this desk is large enough to place one or two desktops apart from other necessary stuff.
  • Ecofriendly: The P2 grade eco-friendly wood used to make the desk meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards. This wood is scratch-resistant and waterproof, and you can easily maintain this desk by cleaning it regularly. It is pet and children safe.
  • Shelves: You can use the extra shelves you receive with this desk to organize your work-related stuff. The maximum load-bearing capacity of these shelves goes up to forty pounds. You can easily fit in books, files, copies, and so on these shelves.
  • Strong: The two-step frame of this desk uses 100% genuine stainless steel. This stainless steel is useful for maintaining the durability and integrity of the structure of this desk. To further improve the stability, you also get an additional X metal bar in between the frame. This bar takes up the load capacity to 80 pounds.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this work desk for a home office as it has very wide and extensive legroom. This desk is ideal for all the taller people. Tall people can get 30 inches wide and long legroom while using this work desk. This work desk also uses environment-friendly materials, so buying this work desk impacts nature positively.

Sauder Work Desk: For A Classic Look

The Sauder wooden desk is a classic desk for a home office. This desk has a classic black accent finish, this finish will be appealing to many people, and they will love the design of this desk. You even get three storage drawers with this desk for your convenience.

Features and Benefits

  • Storage. You even get three drawers for storing all necessary items with this desk. The two above drawers have an ergonomic design with metal runners. You can use these metal runners to push easily and pull the drawers. The bottom drawer is larger in space as it can hold all the big and larger file options.
  • Strong: This desk is made entirely out of high-quality wood. It even has a high load-bearing capacity of 140 pounds. With the large and wide top surface area on this desk, you can organize all the necessary items in a single place.
  • Workspace: The top working space dimensions are 59 inches in width and 23.25 inches long. The shape of the desk is a rectangle with wide edges. You can store your items on the edges of this work desk and work in the central region.
  • Assembly: This wooden desk does not require assembly. You can directly keep and install this desk at your home and instantly start working without wasting any time.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this desk for a home office as it saves up a lot of space. You can even store the CPU for your computer on the vertical shelf space provided with this wooden desk. The solid wood accents on this desk give it an edgier look and style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Best Office Desks For Home

Q: How to buy an office desk for the home?

You should consider some of the main aspects: the size, shape, material, and building quality while you go out to buy a wooden work desk. You should relate these aspects with your needs and specifications to find the right size for you.

Q: What is the right size of an office desk for a home?

The size of your office desk depends upon the size of the room you want to keep the desk in. Traditionally, for the most common room sizes, a wooden desk with dimensions 60 inches wide and 30 inches long is ideal. These desks for the home office also usually have wider legroom of 30 inches.

Q: Where should you place an office desk at home?

You can place your office desk at anyplace you like, but most people prefer to place these desks in their study or storeroom. Some people also like to keep them in their bedrooms. According to most people, the ideal position for a work desk should be facing the wall.

A desk that faces the wall helps the person focus, as seeing the wall blocks out all the distracting elements, and the person can perform their work more efficiently.

You should try not to face a window, because sunlight from the window may cause a glare. Try to ensure that the source of light should come from behind you.


Final Verdict

All the desks I have mentioned above have their shape and design, serving different purposes. I don’t like having to look for things while working so I wanted a desk with open shelves. Hence I opted for Cubicubi Working Desk. 

If you ask me about my second best choice, undeniably it will be Fezibo Electric Working Desk. I could use it while standing and sitting, and it’s a great way to avoid sitting for long hours while working from home.

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