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The clue is in the name. This site is All About Working From Home (WFH). We use our realworld experience to provide practical resources and honest opinions, guiding you towards an overall better WFH experience.
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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide readers a 360 view of remote working – equipping them with the knowledge to improve their own experience.

Even though a lot of people (including the small group of WFHers who run this website) started working from home a long time ago, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has meant millions more have found themselves in a situation where they have to work from home. Everything has happened so fast with no preparation time causing the undesirable situation of millions having to face remote working without proper training or support.

This site is therefore our humble effort to
plug this gap and our long-term vision is to grow it into a comprehensive resource.

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Our Brand Values

Better Productivity

It takes time and discipline, but it is very much possible to be more productive WFH.

Better Wellbeing

Work on your health and wellbeing and your work performance will be better.

Better Gear

Set yourself up right with the right workspace and equipment to perform better.

Better Mindset

Have faith in your ability to adapt and get used to the new normal.

Remote Work is here to Stay, it’s Not a Temporary Trend